Categories:   Comedy   Gender Bender   School Life   Shounen Ai
Alternative: おやじな! ~千夏と巴の場合~; おやじな!~竜と紫ノ宮の場合~; Oyajina! - Chinatsu to Tomoe no Baai; Oyajina! - Otaku no Shiro-chan no Baai; Oyajina! - Ryuu to Murasaki no Miya no Baai
Release: 2010
Author: Hiiragi Nozomu
Status: Updated
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OYAJINA! Manga Summary
All teen girls in town wake up one morning transformed into old men...followed by some pretty awkward situations where the main characters fall in love with each other. Are they lesbians? gays? or is that a fujoshi's dream come true?