Off-Track Crush Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Romance   Full Color   Long Strip   Web Comic
Release: 2023
Author: Soop-Illang
Status: Completed
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Off-Track Crush Manga Summary
For the past ten years, basketball player Lee An has been secretly in love with his hyung, Gunwoo. He has kept his feelings hidden all this time, but when he suddenly hears the news of Gunwoo\'s divorce, his heart starts to flutter once again! What\'s more, Gunwoo asks him to become the promotional model for his company? It\'s a rare opportunity, so he decides to make his move! “Lately, I— I’ve been so pent up that I have a hard time focusing on basketball...!!!” Derailed from the path of unrequited love, Off-Track Crush

Off-Track Crush Manga Chapters

Chapter Name Date Added
Off-Track Crush 1 Sunday, September 17, 2023