Pass, Nonpass Manga

Categories:   Comedy   School Life   Long Strip   Web Comic
Release: 2021
Author: Gangpa Club (강파클럽)
Status: Updated
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Pass, Nonpass Manga Summary
Short stories part of the Gangpa Club Omnibus Collection. Story 1: \"You damn bastard, I\'m going to give you that ring back and break up with you.\" Jiwon who in his angry made a second-hand sale of clothes with an important ring in them. He manages to find the buyer of the clothes, but this bastard is even more mean!! Story 2: Hansol has a secret he cannot tell. After getting drunk he spends the night with an unknown person. \'I remember the man telling me to never forget him in a sweet voice, but I can\'t remember his face.\' And now... A group project villain I met by chance is arguing with me!? Story 3: ???