Pure Love Operation Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Romance   School Life   Supernatural   Full Color   Long Strip
Alternative: Operation Name Pure Love;Operation Name Sunjeong
Release: 2022
Author: Kkokkali
Status: Updated
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Pure Love Operation Manga Summary
I saw my boyfriend kissing my best friend. if that wasn’t enough, I was with a guy whose guts I hate from my class, Go Eun-Hyuk. I was already shaken up… But apparently there’s a given amount of love that a person receives in their lifetime? And the amount of love I’m able to receive is ‘0’??? Soo-Ae, who’s trying to change her pathetic fate, and Eun-Hyuk, who got involved with Soo-Ae, and their headwind operation! She was only going to ‘act’ like she’s cheating on her boyfriend, but she starts to develop feelings for Eun-Hyuk?! This plan… will it truly work?