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Alternative: I Cherished and Raised the Demonic Cult Leader ; ; I Have Raised the Demonic Sect Leader Dearly ; ; Я трепетно оберегал главу демонического культа ; ; 마교 교주를 애지중지 키웠다
Author: Baeksu Shrimp - Danae
Status: Updated
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Raising The Demonic Cult's Leader Manga Summary
In the martial arts novel Return of the Hero, Ha Yun is a school graduate who is possessed by the weakling Chou Yun. Believing that a child deserves to be protected, he picks up the final boss of the original story, the future martial arts master Sae-baek, and the preface Tian-oh. He curiously twisted the flow of the original story and was relieved that he could now raise them well and send them out into society. "I want to rip out all their heads." Is this what it means to be a Murim?! Even a child can't help but dream of revenge after experiencing persecution?! The words that came out of the mouth of a seven-year-old child were brutal, and I thought I should respond with adult morals.... "Do what you want. Create the most brutal martial art in the world, or take revenge with it." Nothing works. In this story, a young man who has been patched up by a martial artist, only spits out stern words, and his students turn away from his work without even trying.

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