Reflection Manga

Categories:   Romance   School Life   Full Color   Web Comic   Official Colored
Alternative: Phản chiếu
Author: Cỏ mười ba lá
Status: Completed
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Reflection Manga Summary
This story is about Thien Thanh, a girl who is quite superstitious and believes in the Doppelganger phenomenon. With positive thinking she believes that she also has a copy in the world, and that the "copy" must be in a position like her. A copy in which there are two parents; one that lives happily and is loved by everyone. Every day she looked in the mirror and thought of that. One day, Thanh found a girl with the same face as her, born on the same day of the same month. She is Giang Lam. But then, along the way, she starts to learn more and more that her "copy" is not as great as she thought, and the complete opposite of her, from morality to lifestyle.