Satan's Bride ( Kitty Roe Factory ) Manga

Categories:   Fantasy
Alternative: 鬼王的三世宠妃
Author: Kitty Roe Factory
Status: Updated
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Satan's Bride ( Kitty Roe Factory ) Manga Summary
Ye Ziqi—the genius daughter of a family specialised in all things paranormal—was cursed with the ability to see spirits from birth. She thought she was doomed to the cruel fate of the family curse and would die after celebrating her 18th birthday, but suddenly, a man showed up and called himself her fiance. Who could have guessed her loving fiance’s true identity would turn out to be Satan himself! A series of incredible events then occurred, leading to the discovery of a love that spanned three generations, and an even bigger conspiracy! The Three Realms were in turmoil, engaged in open warfare and veiled strife, how could the two of them hold each other through it all?