Sato-kun ga shinde kara Manga

Categories:   Drama   Fantasy   Romance   Tragedy   Zombies   Gore
Alternative: When Sato-kun died..;When Satou-kun died
Release: 2021
Author: Yamagata Aona
Status: Completed
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Sato-kun ga shinde kara Manga Summary
He is silent, expressionless and he keeps to himself, but then he shared a smile with me. That boy is… a walking corpse! Sato-kun, who met an early demise in a traffic accident, came back to school as a Zombie. That popular guy who would light up the room, is now cold and lifeless and barely manages to trace the habits of his old life. However, Hozumi from the same class, seems to be the only exception. Zombie Sato, stares at her from nearby and why is he following her? What ever will she do? Is he still the old Sato-kun or is he… Experience this mysterious and youthful romance between a reticent Zombie and a Shy Girl!