Sensei, Oshiete Ageru Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Romance
Alternative: Darling Mania; Sensei Oshiete Ageru; ダ〜リン・マニア♥; 先生、教えてあげる; 老師我來告訴你
Author: Yuzuki Jun
Status: Completed
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Sensei, Oshiete Ageru Manga Summary
Four cute stories about young girls' fascinating loves including Sensei, Oshiete Ageru, Virgin Love, and two others. 1.Dakishmete, Honey: Yanagibu confessed to Sera, and he said she could be his girlfriend... But now he barely even aknowleges her existance?! 2.Sensei, Oshiete: 3.I Love My Husband: 4.Virgin Love / Darling Mania: A girl and her boyfriend of one month plan to go on an overnight trip to a spring, and she expects that "it" will happen, but...