Sexy❤Aroma❤Night Manga

Categories:   Yaoi
Alternative: Erotic Aroma Night; SexyアロマNight
Author: Minami Haruka
Status: Completed
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Sexy❤Aroma❤Night Manga Summary
Self-proclaimed "high-class seme" Kinezuka is a charismatic esthetician at a men's salon. One night, Kinezuka gets dead drunk and is taken home by a pheromone-laden hunk who plays a sexy trick on him. The next day, this man appears at the salon under his true guise: super-star actor Takanagi Kouya… Can Kinezuka protect his virtue from Takanagi, who's aiming for an erotic massage and Kinezuka's ass?

Sexy❤Aroma❤Night Manga Chapters

The series Sexy❤Aroma❤Night contain intense violence, blood/gore,sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers thus is blocked for their protection. So if you're above the legal age of 18. Please click here to continue the reading.