Shintan Kairou Manga

Categories:   Drama   Psychological   School Life   Sexual Violence
Alternative: Hallway to the Abyss
Release: 2019
Author: Nagai Saburou
Status: Updated
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Shintan Kairou Manga Summary
He was a teacher who knew his student was gay and still desired his body. After running away from everything, he became a wanderer. He wanted to get away from people, and took the name, Mos-san. Yanagida struggled with the pain of being in love with the same sex. He committed attempted rape on a student when he was a teacher, and ran away from there. Before he knew it, he had become Mos, a pitiful demon who had thrown his past away, but had no choice but to keep on living. He thought he\'d lost everything, but a single boy reached out his hand to him. Seven years have passed since the painful, but dear story of \'Smells Like Green Spirit.\'