Singing at Night Manga

Categories:   Drama   Mystery   Romance   Supernatural   Full Color   Long Strip   Official Colored
Release: 2021
Author: Qing Ying
Status: Updated
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Singing at Night Manga Summary
Xin Ran is a popular female star who debuted in the center position in an annual competition. She is really strong, vain and loves competition. In reality, however, she is kindhearted, a little lonely, and does not know how to love others! A mysterious vampire\'s appearance changed her worldview. Subsequently, she was made into a blood servant. She was unable to resist the manipulation and humbly begged for it. She embarrassed herself in front of the media and was oppressed by a daddy-like, overbearing CEO? \"Among the creatures of the darkness, don\'t you know that this eldest sister is the real Queen?!\"