Sokuochi Mayuri-chan Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Romance   Slice Of Life
Alternative: Mayuri-chan Who Quickly Gives Up.; そくオチまゆりちゃん
Author: Sarupin Nishiki
Status: Updated
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Sokuochi Mayuri-chan Manga Summary
Mayuri-chan likes to tease her childhood friend, but she can't take it if he tries anything back! This is Pixiv shorts (1 page each) by Sarupin Nishiki (さるぴん弐式). As per MandaDex upload rule, each short is treated as a chapter and uploaded separately. There are no end notes so the chapters can flow smoothly. The author's Pixiv is: Some of the works are NSFW. If you can, please follow him. He has only 37 followers as of this upload so let's surprise him!