Story in the Forbidden City Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Drama   Harem   Historical   Mystery   Romance
Alternative: 妃夕妍雪
Author: 食人鱼
Status: Updated
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Story in the Forbidden City Manga Summary
"The story of the forbidden city" is a true story in the Qing Dynasty. Writing about a king falls in love with a girl. Want to find out more about the two characters, their lives .. see: Part 1: Part 2: Update: 2 weeks / 1 chapter Me[lenaMyth2] This is a history story in my country. I would like to introduce to you the ancient beauty of feudal. Possible grammar in the sentence that I use can be confusing, or not correct. Hope you will ignore this shortcoming. Because Chinese people are very difficult to learn English. However, I did not stop my passion for translating comic books and introducing them to international friends