Taixu Apartment Manga

Categories:   Action   Adventure   Fantasy   Harem   Martial Arts   Mystery   Supernatural   Tragedy   Magic   Thriller   Full Color
Release: 2022
Author: SANFU A&C (三福动漫)
Status: Updated
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Taixu Apartment Manga Summary
The rich second generation Lee Feng discovered overnight that his parents had disappeared in the name of traveling around the world together. The company went bankrupt and all the assets of the family were frozen. He became a pauper, and his beloved girlfriend had to break up with him. Fortunately, his parents left him an apartment as the last resort. The disheartened Lee Feng went to take over the apartment, but found that the house called \"One Apartment\" had turned into a mysterious \"Taixu Apartment\", and Lee feng also became the owner of this apartment...