Take to Kota to Aoto Manga

Categories:   Drama   Romance   Slice Of Life
Alternative: Take, Kota & Aoto;タケトコタトアオト
Author: Akabeko
Status: Completed
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Take to Kota to Aoto Manga Summary
After a tiring day at work, Take comes home to find his son crying in the dark by himself. His wife ran away, leaving Take to take care of his son, Kota, as a single father. After Kota starts nursery school, Take finds out that one of the teachers, Aoto, was a kid he used to bully in school. Because Take is occupied with both work and raising his son, he has become distanced from his friends. When he unexpectedly allows himself to become vulnerable in front of Aoto, Aoto hugs him and comforts by reminding him that he\'s trying his best and that his efforts are admirable. Soon after that, Take starts to become more conscious of Aoto...