The 8Th Failed Love Manga

Categories:   Drama   Romance   School Life   Erotica
Alternative: 8번째 망한 연애 ;8th Failed Relationship ; The 8th Failed Love Affair ; 第八次失败的恋爱 ; 8번째 망한 연애
Author: Sondo - 손도
Status: Updated
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The 8Th Failed Love Manga Summary
On one ordinary night, a relationship between the two began without much thought. For Hoyeon, that's just how it was with Soobin. Despite this, as they spent more time together, he found himself growing more sincere in their relationship. But then, Soobin said to him:"Hyung, let's break up.""Alright, do what you want. No plans on giving me a reason this time, either?"This was Soobin's 7th time breaking up with him without a reason. Every other time they had met up again within a week, so Hoyeon didn't expect any different this time... But it's been two weeks and Soobin still hasn't called!! Something felt wrong.Looking back, Hoyeon's biggest mistake was that he didn't ask the reason why they had broken up the first time.