The Blood Of Madam Giselle Manga

Categories:   Drama   Fantasy   Historical   Romance
Alternative: Giselle Ssiui Pi; La Sangre De Giselle; Кровь мадам Жизель; 지젤씨의피
Author: Lee Yun-Ji
Status: Updated
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The Blood Of Madam Giselle Manga Summary
A rebellious spirit trapped in her marriage to a violent husband, Giselle leads a miserable life playing the role of a meek wife and lady. But one night, wandering her new home, Giselle discovers what seems to be a young boy trapped inside a cage. An inheritance from her husband’s eccentric father, the boy is considered a monster, an immortal “flower that feeds upon blood”. Despite her fear, Giselle begins to visit the boy nightly. Will these illicit meetings shatter life as she knows it?