The Duchess's Secret Writings Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Drama   Fantasy   Historical   Romance   Full Color   Long Strip   Adaptation
Alternative: The Duchess' Secret Writing
Release: 2022
Author: Bambi
Status: Updated
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The Duchess's Secret Writings Manga Summary
Phil, the author of the Empire\'s greatest imagination novel, Return Night, has gone into an the worst period in time. Elisha, who used to be a popular writer while hiding her identity under pressure from her family, she was forced to stop writing until she got married.The only way for her to wrap up the long-awaited last volume is if she finds a husband candidate who meets all her conditions. Meanwhile, Phil\'s year-round fan of \"Return Night\", The Duke of Lessa, who was a big fan, was shocked. He tries his best to find out who the writer is. The biggest mission of my life, the marriage problem, is painful.Two people who are perfect\"I need to find a spouse who will respect me\" -TL by maellene