The Lady Is the Future Tyrant Manga

Categories:   Fantasy   Romance   Full Color   Long Strip
Alternative: My Wife Is Actually the Future Tyrannical Empress
Release: 2022
Author: Manhui Xinfeng (漫绘新风)
Status: Updated
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The Lady Is the Future Tyrant Manga Summary
Zhao JinYu did not expect that after his rebirth, the one he will marry would actually be the future tyrannical empress who usurped the throne. In order to prevent his wife from going astray in this life, he worked hard and made great efforts. But his wife seems to be different from her previous life, how come she doesn’t care about the affairs of the court at all and only sticks to him every day? But that’s not bad because he plan to have several children with her sooner, so that she will get busy with the children every day, so that she’ll have no time to plot for rebellion. Just as planned!