The Men In Science Majors Manga

Categories:   Romance   Slice Of Life   Erotica
Alternative: Rikedan! I will be the manager of a singles' dormitory...?! ; Rikedan! ~ Watashi ga dokushin ryō no kanrinin ni…!? ; リケダン! ~私が独身寮の管理人に…!?
Author: Mizuki Mio
Status: Updated
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The Men In Science Majors Manga Summary
Erika Tanaka, unemployed and disappointed after being dumped by the man she was in love with, becomes the manager of a bachelor's dormitory where elite science-minded men gather. However, it's a den of rather uncool science-minded men with zero love skills!? A new type of harem drawn by the author of 'Cinderella with Broken Heels'!