The Real Daughter Is Back Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Fantasy   Romance   Full Color   Long Strip
Release: 2022
Author: Rina
Status: Updated
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The Real Daughter Is Back Manga Summary
From Amethyst Gang: Helga Utrid, a half-blood noble born from a filthy maid of the Duke’s family, was a substitute daughter–a fake. She worked hard to become a real daughter, and continued to work harder still. \"Duchess! The real princess is alive.\" \"Her name is… Helianne!” Helga prayed to God and begged that the real daughter didn’t return to take her place. \"...return, Helianne.\" \"Please don\'t return, I beg you.\" Helga wondered, was it because she was a fake that her pleas did not reach God? “Dear God, I have prayed to you countless times, haven’t I? I implore you; do not let her return.\" She shouted these prayers again and again until her throat turned hoarse; but it was in vain. \'The child who will ruin my whole world… The Duke family’s real daughter, Helianne.\' The real daughter has returned.