The World Without You Manga

Categories:   Drama   Fantasy   Official Colored   Sexual Violence
Release: 2022
Author: Girang
Status: Updated
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The World Without You Manga Summary
Ever since Han Saegae was a child, he would constantly dream about this one particular man. After seeing him countless times in his dreams, Han Saegae eventually fell in love with him. But suddenly, that man disappeared from his dreams, never to be seen again. One day, while Han Saegae was trying to get over the fact that the man from his dream was not real. Woo Ijun appeared in his life. Ijun\'s bright, blond hair, and the mole on the right side of his eye allowed Saegae to recognise the man from his dreams once more. To keep Ijun by his side, Saegae contacts Ijun, asking him if he could act out a script he had written for his project. And so, Ijun ends up acting for Saegae, but… \'I can remake it. A world where he will never disappear.\' - Madeleine Scans -