The Customers are Gods Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Fantasy
Alternative: Okyaku-sama wa Kami-sama Desu; Okyaku-sama wa Kami-sama Desu.; Okyakusama wa Kamisama Desu; Okyakusama wa Kamisama Desu.; お客様は神様です。
Author: MEIJI Merou
Status: Completed
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The Customers are Gods Manga Summary
A god, that is, a customer. Somehow, modern-day gods are monster claimers (wat) that rampage?! An unfortunate pair, Shurara and the shop clerk, Shiratsuka, face unfortunate gods that overwhelm the convenience store. With the underworld convenience store full of unfortunate things taking the stage, it's a hardcore customer service comedy! The beautiful Shurara has been rolling about in the customer service industry in order to help pay off her parent's debt and ends up at the magic convenience store named Neko Market! There, they encounter delinquent monster claimers, the Virgin Mary, a child prodigy, a wind god, a thunder god, yokai in a place that goes beyond human intellect!