The Duchess of the Attic Manga

Categories:   Drama   Historical   Romance   Slice Of Life
Alternative: Yane Urabeya no Koushaku Fujin; 屋根裏部屋の公爵夫人
Author: Mori
Status: Updated
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The Duchess of the Attic Manga Summary
The new life of Duchess Opal all started from a dusty attic. The house she resided in after a political marriage with the young Duke, Hubert, was full of hostility. There was also a woman named "Angel," who is treasured by the mansion's owner... Opal gained a bad reputation because of a disgraceful rumor and as a result, she was treated like a hindrance. However, the Duchess doesn't like losing, so it won't end like this! The woman is unrelated to the management of the territory. I will outwit those who let their guard down...!