This Delinquent-kun Is Ungrateful Manga

Categories:   Drama   Romance
Alternative: This Young Delinquent Is Ungrateful; ツッパリくんは報われない
Author: Mitsuboshi Tama
Status: Completed
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This Delinquent-kun Is Ungrateful Manga Summary
Suddenly living together with the most easily flustered man!? A gap love, a difference in age and generation! Gaku, the somewhat nostalgic young delinquent, showed up in front of Akira, a high school teacher around thirty years old. Moreover, why are they suddenly living together!? This is the heart-throbbing, awkward love between Gaku, a cute, earnest, slightly foolish boy who likes to look good, and Akira, an older woman who unconsciously leads him around the nose!