Welcome to Another World, Now then, Please Die Manga

Categories:   Action   Adventure   Fantasy   Horror   Martial Arts   Mystery   Magic   Demons   Isekai   Magical Girls   Monsters   Survival   Sexual Violence   Gore
Release: 2023
Author: Mizushiro Mizuki
Status: Updated
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Welcome to Another World, Now then, Please Die Manga Summary
\"You all will not be heroes. You\'ll be Living Sacrifices, will you not?\" Atsuto thought that by going to another world his unremarkable life would change and he would be granted all sorts of powers. However, in that other world he found nothing but despair. Atsuto is an ordinary and unpopular high school student with no remarkable talents or romantic success. One day, his school is enveloped in light, and he is suddenly transported to another world called Tilunog. Some students who believe they can become heroes with cheat skills are excited about the transfer to the otherworld. However, a beautiful woman from Tilunog named Philia cruelly informs them that they were summoned to be sacrificed, and that they are destined to be killed. Thus begins a storm of massacre and humiliation by demons, called the \"Chaos Banquet\" begins! Can Atsuto and his friends survive in this world of despair?