Welcome To Religion In Another World! Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Fantasy   Isekai
Alternative: Isekai shūkyō e yōkoso; Welcome to Wahowaho Kyo!; 異世界宗教へようこそ
Author: Sakutake Chihiro
Status: Updated
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Welcome To Religion In Another World! Manga Summary
Past the dreams there is a special world, where monsters and demons fight for supremacy, it so happens those same monsters and demons are also the objects of cult for religions in the real world. A victory in the monster world, means the success of a religion in the real world. Wahowaho is a new religion, aiming to the top, and while searching for their god they have summoned a clueless human boy. Toda Yuu was visiting a fan convention with his sister, he was looking forward the event for his favourite game, a phone gacha game with deities, but once he fell asleep things started to change in the real world.