What's Under Kamiyama-San's Paper Bag? Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Romance   School Life   Shounen
Alternative: 紙山さんの紙袋の中には ; Kamiyama-san No Kamibukuro No Naka Ni
Author: Edoya Pochi - Enoshima Abyss
Status: Updated
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What's Under Kamiyama-San's Paper Bag? Manga Summary
On his very first day of starting high school, Namito Kominato's homeroom teacher has him sit behind a strange girl who wears a paper bag over her head and is always soaking wet with sweat. Her name is Samidare Kamiyama, a extremely shy girl with severe social anxiety. Ultimately, she meets Hinata Arai (the student council president who's kind and helpful, but alarmingly obsessed with her uniform) and Harusame Amano (a girl who only speaks at the magical girl panels at anime conventions). These three unfortunate, but beautiful girls form a "conversation club", opening the curtain on this somewhat pitiful and comedic tale of adolescent romance!