Yagyu Jubei Dies Manga

Categories:   Action   Historical   Seinen
Alternative: Jubei Yagyu Dies; Yagyū Jūbei Shisu; 柳生十兵衛死す
Author: Yamada Fuutarou
Status: Updated
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Yagyu Jubei Dies Manga Summary
Now...Jubei Yagyu is the head of the Yagyu Clan following the events of Demonic Resurrection and has mostly retired from the world. A group of warriors decide to ask him if he wants to take over a post at their dojo, but Jubei is more interested in watching the Noh of his friend and subordinate Chikuami.....and that's when everything goes nuts. Yagyu Jubei Dies is the third in Futaro Yamada's Jubei Trilogy that began with The Yagyu Ninja Scrolls and continued in Makai Tensho/Demonic Resurrection.