Your Highness, I'm Pregnant Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Drama   Historical   Romance   Isekai
Alternative: Quan Jun Ru Wo Huai; 劝君入我怀; 太子殿下,奴才有喜了
Author: Hong You Ling, Fan Ci Yuan Literature
Status: Updated
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Your Highness, I'm Pregnant Manga Summary
The cute and clever "eunuch" was discovered to be pregnant and unexpectedly became the Crown Prince's personal attendant? The Crown Prince is rumored to be erratic, two-faced and aloof... and yet he keeps indulging her despite her testing his bottom line again and again...Why would she disguise herself as a man after crossing over and insist on staying beside him..."It's my turn to face all these hardships for you in this world!" Based on the Original Webnovel by Hong You Ling