3rd Base 4th Manga

Categories:   Shounen   Sports
Author: Aoyama Gosho
Status: Updated
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3rd Base 4th Manga Summary
Shigeo Nagashima plays for his school, Kohnan's, baseball team. However he isn't a very good player. One day, he walks into a mysterious store where he buys a baseball bat. Little does he know that the bat is in fact magical. It enables him to hit every pitch, but on one condition: everytime he uses it, he has to pay money to the mysterious store.Kohnan's team reaches the championship game, where they face another school, Ougane. On the opposing team is Kazuhisa Inao, who has a baseball glove that is also magical, and can throw the fastest pitches. Like Shigeo, he must also pay for this. But, unlike Shigeo (who has to work very hard for every yen), Kazuhisa can afford this cost. (Source: Wikipedia)

3rd Base 4th Manga Chapters

Chapter Name Date Added
3rd Base 4th Vol.1 Ch.1 Wednesday, January 3, 2018