Akuyaku Reijou Tensei Oji-san Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Fantasy   Isekai
Alternative: Middle-Aged Man's Noble Daughter Reincarnation; The Old Man Reincarnated as a Villainess; 悪役令嬢転生おじさん
Author: Ueyama Michiro
Status: Updated
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Akuyaku Reijou Tensei Oji-san Manga Summary
After a traffic accident, 52-year-old civil servant Kenzaburou Tondabayashi awakens to find he's become Grace Auvergne, a duke's daughter, and more importantly the villainess of an otome game. Not wanting to get in the way of the happy endings of the young characters around him, Grace sets out to play the role of the villain, but whether it's due to Kenzaburou's memories of being an affectionate parent getting in the way or not being able to remember those pesky foreign names properly, it ends up being a lot harder than it looks... Artist's Twitter: @ueyamamichiro