Anastasia no Shinei Taichou Manga

Categories:   Drama   Historical   Tragedy
Alternative: Anastasia's Captain of the Guard; Телохранитель принцессы Анастасии; アナスタシアの親衛隊長; 아나스타샤의 친위대장
Author: Kato Kotono
Status: Completed
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Anastasia no Shinei Taichou Manga Summary
During the Russian Revolution, as the Red Guards storm through Russia, a young girl escapes from the violence aided by her new found friend, a guard-in-training. A story of gun men, dramatic change and a sweet girl and boy who run away through the falling snow. But tragedy awaits... This oneshot is included in Shoukoku no Altair Volume 4.

Anastasia no Shinei Taichou Manga Chapters

Chapter Name Date Added
Anastasia no Shinei Taichou Oneshot Wednesday, June 12, 2019