Aobing Zhuan Manga

Categories:   Action   Adventure   Fantasy   Historical
Alternative: 敖丙传
Author: 二斯特洛夫斯基, 古吉
Status: Updated
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Aobing Zhuan Manga Summary
Based on the 2019 movie "Nezha" Over a thousand years, spiritual energy of the earth and heavens merged to form a Chaos Pearl. Yuanshi Tianzun refined it into a Demon Pill and a Spirit Pearl. The Spirit Pearl, which was supposed to be reincarnated into Nezha's body, was stolen by Shen Gongbao and given to the East Dragon King. As such, the Third Prince Aobing, the reincarnation of the Spirit Pearl, was born. Surrounding Aobing is a series of events about growth, and a battle against the Dragons that is beginning. [Updates on the 8th and 21st of each month]