Ashita, Watashi wa Dare ka no Kanojo Manga

Categories:   Drama   Psychological   Romance
Alternative: Asu, Watashi wa Dareka no Kanojo; AsuKano; Tomorrow I'll be someone's girlfriend; Tomorrow, I Will Be Someone's Girlfriend; Tomorrow, I'm someone's girlfriend; 明天,我會成為誰的女友; 明日、私は誰かのカノジョ; 내일, 나는 누군가의 여자친구
Author: Wono Hinao
Status: Updated
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Ashita, Watashi wa Dare ka no Kanojo Manga Summary
A bitter love story depicting the realities of love between female college students who earn money by renting themselves out to men as their girlfriends. The first volume is a young office worker who rents the protagonist, Yuki, as a fake girlfriend. A substitute girl who plays the customer's ideal girlfriend to the end... Could it be that the distance between two people's minds is actually quite small?