Asirhart Kingdom’S Aide Manga

Categories:   Drama   Fantasy   Historical   Romance
Alternative: 시히트왕국정복기
Author: 수성 - 이태산
Status: Updated
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Asirhart Kingdom’S Aide Manga Summary
“Would you like to become the Princess of Asirhart?” Mia Sihit, the bread-winner of her family from a defeated nation becomes the Princess's substitute for the war powerhouse nation of Asirhart. Princess Rivel who left all of a sudden after installing the Princess's substitute, And The Royal Honorary Knight's suspicion of Mia all the while helping her! Life inside the palace does not come easy for Mia as she tries to understand the new surrounding she found herself in. The “Disaster” that is swiping across the continent has finally reached the door of Asirhart nation and inside the palace, Mia discovered a huge secret… “If so, what is my destiny?” Following the growth of Mia, the Princess's substitute facing her destiny in an ever-perishing world! Sihit's Kingdom Conquest / Asirhart Kingdom Aide