Blame! Movie Edition : The Electrofishers' Escape Manga

Categories:   Action   Drama   Horror   Psychological   Sci Fi
Alternative: BLAME!: Denki Ryoushi - Kiken Kaisou Dasshutsu Sakusen ; Blame! Electric trucks, risk hierarchy, strategy, escape ; Blame! Электрорыбаки, иерархия рисков, стратегия, побег ; BLAME! 電基漁師 危険階層脱出作戦 ; Blame: Electrofishers’ Escape ; BLAME! Movie Edition – The Electrofishers’ Escape
Author: Tsutomu nihei
Status: Completed
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Blame! Movie Edition : The Electrofishers' Escape Manga Summary
One of the manga world’s most intriguing artists comes the manga version of the Netflix movie, BLAME! Steel and rust. The City structure has endlessly propagated itself for so many years that the reason for such growth has long since been forgotten. Even within such a techo-dystopia, humans still exist: The Electrofishers. Driven to the brink of extinction, they are visited by a traveller—a man named Killy. But will his presence bring the Electrofishers ruination or hope...?