Bloody Marriage Manga

Categories:   Mystery   Romance   Isekai   Crime
Status: Updated
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Bloody Marriage Manga Summary
Scarlett was once the happiest girl alive. She was blessed with beauty, wealth, and a perfect fiance. She was supposed to be the shining star of her wedding. But early in the morning, the pure bride was brutally murdered. When she opened her eyes again, her whole world had completely changed.” “I’ve repeated this so many times already! I am Scarlett Antwerpen!” “I’m sorry ma’am, but the esteemed daughter of the count, Lady Antwerp is dead.” Waking up in a strange place, Scarlett couldn’t comprehend everything that had happened to her. Why could no one recognize her? Why was her fiance standing by another woman? Why was she “Vivian” instead of Scarlett? Why was she by the side of Alexis, the chief of police, and not by her fiance, Edward? Scarlett swore to herself that she would get her fiance back, and ruin the one who had murdered her.