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Blue Manga

Categories:   Drama   Josei   School Life   Slice Of Life   Shoujoai
Alternative: ブルー
Release: 1995
Author: NANANAN Kiriko
Status: Completed
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Blue Manga Summary
Kayako Kirishima who lives in Niigata is almost ready to go off to college but is lonely and unsure of her future. Masami Endo is a girl who has been ostracized and made a social outcast for having an abortion. The two girls meet each other in class one day and become good friends. Gradually Kirishima falls in love with Endo and the relationship becomes more personal. From Ponent Mon: Kayako Kirishima and Masami Endô are about to discover that their recent friendship is turning into obsessive love. But when today’s hopes and yesterday’s dreams meet tomorrow’s problems, will they be able to continue? With clear outline and confused feelings, Kiriko Nananan demonstrates that it is possible to make a Blue manga from black and white.