Closed Room Mafia Manga

Categories:   Action   Mystery   Psychological   Slice Of Life   Full Color   Long Strip   Official Colored
Release: 2022
Author: Baek Jiwoon
Status: Updated
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Closed Room Mafia Manga Summary
High school student Kang Chul-joing awoke in an unknown locked room. He finds himself in a chaotic situation, he searched around the room and found an old MP3. What he learned from the message left on the MP3 was that he was poisoned and that he had only three hours left to live. Kang Chul-joong, who was usually a mystery quiz enthusiast, tries to escape the unknown room by finding clues based on his reasoning skills that he has accumulated over the years. However, the reality is different from the ideal. What is the last clue that he noticed when he made a series of mistakes and ended up in an urgent situation where the poison spread and he start vomiting blood?! A new survival game presented by Baek Ji-woon the creator of \"Struggle\" and \"Undead King\"! Is there any way to escape this hellish secret room!

Closed Room Mafia Manga Chapters

Chapter Name Date Added
Closed Room Mafia 2 Thursday, May 19, 2022
Closed Room Mafia 1 Sunday, May 15, 2022