Crest of the Stars Manga

Categories:   Action   Adventure   Drama   Romance   Sci-Fi   Seinen
Alternative: Crest of the Stars; 星界の紋章; 星界の紋章 (米村孝一郎)
Author: Morioka Hiroyuki
Status: Updated
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Crest of the Stars Manga Summary
2012 manga running in Comic Meteor.Planet Martine is suddenly attacked! The alien invaders are known as the Abh. They are of human origin, but have been genetically modified so that each Abh has superior talent, skill, beauty, and longevity. Martine's president surrenders completely in the face of the Abh's awesome military power. Through a bizarre twist of fate, his son Jinto becomes a nobleman in the Abh's vast, intergalactic empire.