Crows Gaiden Manga

Categories:   Action   Comedy
Alternative: Next Crows Supplementary Story; クローズ外伝; 続・クローズ外伝 NEXT CROWS SUPPLEMENTARY STORY
Author: Takahashi Hiroshi
Status: Completed
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Crows Gaiden Manga Summary
Volume 1 - Crows Gaiden First out of three gaidens (side stories) that were released after Takahashi Hiroshi finished his famous delinquent manga Crows. It focuses on the pasts of the Ebizuka trio (Mako, Pon & Hiromi), Bandou Hideto and Bouya Harumichi in a total of 3 chapters. It takes place when all of them were still in middle school. Volume 2 - Zoku Crows Gaiden (続・クローズ外伝 NEXT CROWS SUPPLEMENTARY STORY) 1-2. TFOA 4th Generation 3-4. Kizu Kyousuke story