Dankira!!! Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Slice Of Life
Alternative: ダンキラ!!!
Author: Konami Digital Entertainment
Status: Updated
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Dankira!!! Manga Summary
(Side manga to Konami's rhythm mobile game "Dankira".) “Dankira”, a dance battle where teams of 3 compete to be the best. This story follows young men who strive to be at the top. The lively “Merry Panic” specialises in hip hop, the kings “Etoile” excel in ballet, ”Theater Bell”are mature jazz experts, and "TOXIC" is a mysterious group that specialises in vogue dance. Lastly, “Sanzensekai” combines martial arts and dance! These are original stories which focus on all 15 members from the 5 teams! You can take a look into their daily lives which can't be seen in the main story ★