Dear Mr. Candy Manga

Categories:   Fantasy   Full Color   Long Strip   Official Colored   Gyaru
Author: Yuririn
Status: Updated
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Dear Mr. Candy Manga Summary
The triennial Candy Star competition is coming again. In order to fulfill his mother\'s last wish to obtain the Candy Star honor, Mengtai, the owner of MR. CANDY, asked his childhood partner Ning Te to develop new candy together. However, the process of developing the new candy was not as smooth as expected. Mengtai was frustrated for a while and ran out of the store. Just when Mengtai was in distress, a fairy appeared in front of him, claiming that he could use magic to help him make delicious candies. In order to prove that \"you can make delicious candies without relying on Lemon Special\", will the angry Mengtai agree to the temptation of the fairy...