Fake Affair Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Drama   Josei   Romance   Slice Of Life   Webtoon
Alternative: Gisou Furin; 偽装不倫; 위장불륜
Author: Higashimura Akiko
Status: Updated
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Fake Affair Manga Summary
Shoko has turned 30 and she has finally given up on finding a marriage partner. Recently having completed a year long contract, she wants to explore the freedom her lack of relationship and job obligations afford her and books a trip to Seoul, Korea. Unencumbered, she wants to visit the Korean BBQ restaurants alone and drink to celebrate her "graduation from marriage seeking activities." Not quite supportive is her sister, one who is already married to a good-looking, high earning man, who thinks Shoko should do the responsible thing and give marriage hunting a shot again. But Shoko cannot be deterred. But life has a strange way of turning things around. On her trip to Seoul, Shoko makes a surprising discovery, and an unexpected connection... This is a collaborative project between Higashimura Akiko and NAVER webtoon, which may be the first of its kind, at least involving such a luminary figure in manga. I believe it is simul-released in Japanese and Korean, but I'm not certain.