Fate/Grand Order - Daily Chaldea (Doujinshi) Manga

Categories:   Adventure   Comedy   Drama   Fantasy   Historical   Romance   Slice Of Life   Yuri   Shoujo Ai   Magical Girls   Philosophical
Alternative: Daily Chaldea
Author: Rednal
Status: Updated
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Fate/Grand Order - Daily Chaldea (Doujinshi) Manga Summary
Daily Chaldea is an unofficial daily slice-of-life fancomic created using art assets from the game Fate/Grand Order and building upon the existing lore of the franchise. The story follows the adventures of genderswapping protagonist Ritsuka Fujimaru and the many Servants they've summoned, with the tone ranging from comedic to philosophical. The comic is 'live' with the NA server of Fate/Grand Order, with new characters appearing in the comic around the time they appear in the game and comics often referencing recent events in the game. Enjoyment of this comic relies heavily upon the reader's familiarity with the game and its characters, so the author recommends playing Fate/Grand Order before reading this comic. This comic is being uploaded to MangaDex by reader request and with the approval of MangaDex staff. All art is copyright TYPE-Moon / FGO Project, Aniplex Inc., Delightworks, and other copyright holders as appropriate. This comic is not for profit (through ad revenue or otherwise). Chapters 0001-0041 use the original white backgrounds. Later comics have darker backgrounds and additional art assets for improved quality.

Fate/Grand Order - Daily Chaldea (Doujinshi) Manga Chapters

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