Fuhoni Desuga, Ryuukishidan ga Kahogo Desu Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Fantasy   Romance   Magic   Adaptation
Alternative: Sorry, but the Dragon Knight Order Is Just Too Overprotective! ; 不本意ですが、竜騎士団が過保護です
Author: Otsukawa rei
Status: Updated
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Fuhoni Desuga, Ryuukishidan ga Kahogo Desu Manga Summary
The second princess of the Kingdom of Lybra, Leonora, decides to venture the perilous undertaking of infiltrating as "Nora" into the Dragon Knight Order of the neighboring kingdom, Wahnrein, to watch over the apple of her eyes, her little sister who was married off to the crown prince of Wahnrein! However, she soon gets into a tight spot as the the commander of the Dragon Knight Order, Harvey, who is known throughout the continent as "Dragon Slayer," finds out about her real identity!! Furthermore, she seals a contract with the dragon "Aksel"?!