Gishi Sanjinden Manga

Categories:   Action   Drama   Historical   Horror   Psychological   School Life   Sci-Fi   Slice Of Life   Magic   Demons   Philosophical   Monsters   Animals   Anthology   Gore
Alternative: Fake Biography of SANJIN;Falsified History: An Account of the Sanjin;Falsified History: An Account of the Mountain People
Release: 2019
Author: Shino Ura
Status: Completed
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Gishi Sanjinden Manga Summary
A unique collection of one-shots loosely connected to Shino Ura\'s other short works. The history of an animal shaped like humans. The story of a girl who switched her face with her self in a puddle. The story of a mermaid in a flask in a garbage-filled river. A story of gods on modern streets. A collection of scifi works which originally appeared as a webcomic with additions for the tankoubon format.