Goodbye Declaration Manga

Categories:   Comedy   Romance   School Life   Slice Of Life   Adaptation
Release: 2022
Author: Chinozo
Status: Updated
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Goodbye Declaration Manga Summary
Kakeru Kiritani is a boy who is not good at socializing, doesn\'t attend school, and spends most of his time playing video games. In his last year of highschool, a fateful encounter awaits him! The one who appears in front of Kakeru is the complete opposite of him. She\'s naive, has a lot of fans and haters, and causes a lot of problems, but even so she\'s a beautiful girl who catches everyone\'s attention—Rena Nanase! Torn between love and dreams, where is their last year of highschool headed!? The hit song \"Goodbye Declaration,\" which has over 100 million views on YouTube, has been adapted into a novel, and now it\'s going to crazily bloom into a manga! Author: Arata Iri (Manga) Mitsuki Midori (Story) Arusechika (Character design) Chinozo (Original work, supervision)